Fred van Rijn | Accountable manager

Fred van Rijn is Founder,  Accountable manager and Engine Inspector  of Global Engine Support. Fred has over 25 years’ experience in the  aviation  industry. Started in the Airline industry in 1991.On the way to Global Engine Support gained experience as B1 and Borescope inspector at Airliners such as, Air France/KLM , Tec4Jets.
In December of 2015 Fred  decided to specify in borescope inspection and engine maintenance and Global Engine Support was born

Ronald Prins | Quality Manager

Ronald Prins has over 29 years of airline and aviation experience. Ronald is the Accountable Manager for the CAMO Organisation and has expertise in airworthiness & regulatory. Ronald was employed by Transavia Airlines. At Transavia Airlines, as licensed technician, Ronald was involved in aircraft maintenance and later as a technical representative at the Boeing factory, where he was responsible for the technical acceptance. Between 2007-2010 he was employed as an Airworthiness & Regulatory Specialist for the CAA-Netherlands.

Ed Ruter | Maintenance Manager

Ed Ruter is the Maintenance Manager and Engine inspector for Global Engine Support. Ed has been in the industry for over 25 year's and has experience in the aviation industry.  Ed is very experienced and gained his experience throughout his career working for various airlines such as and AirFrance/KLM. Ed has the qualifications and experience to support your project.